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Web Ordering Software Server/Workstations Remote Support Backup & Recovery Virtualization
CSN has created the first total online web ordering software specializing in online orders being sent as gifts.It creates cards, shipping labels, sends invoices, creates courier waybills, ties in with your bank..
We offer complete hardware\software support for your servers and workstations.
We provide sheduled maintenance, repairs, warranty, software upgrades and financing.We look after your equipment so you don't have to....
Complete Apple/Macintosh Consulting Services, Repairs, Troubleshooting, Upgrades, Networking, Back up, Cloud Computing and a whole lot more...
Business owners know the importance of their business data.
But how long could your business function with no working computers?

We help to prevent that ever happening...
Old or under utilized servers can be virtualized on new hardware at a fraction of the cost of a migration. Consolidation can reduce power and operating costs.