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Backup & Recovery
There Are 3 Critical Elements You Must Have In Place To Guarantee A Fast, Pain-Free Recovery Of Your Critical IT Systems In The Event Of A Data-Erasing Disaster.

When it comes to backing up and protecting your company’s critical data, you need to know for certain – without any lingering doubts – that you can recover your files and be back up and running again.
Back-ups are required because of natural disasters, server crashes, hacker attacks or other data-erasing events. Yet most business owners don’t know if their back-ups are being successful. Even fewer conduct regular “fire drills” to ensure that their backups are actually working. Many companies lack a plan for getting on their feet again.
3 Critical Elements to a Back Up
Critical Element #1: Secure, Encrypted Offsite Backup
While we recommend that you have onsite backup, it’s absolutely critical to keep an encrypted copy of your data offsite as well. If a fire burns your office to the ground – or a thief breaks in and steals your server and equipment – or a natural disaster floods your office or makes it impossible to access your PCs and server, the onsite backup will be useless to you.

Critical Element #2: A Data Recovery And Disaster Recovery Plan
Data backup is not the same as disaster recovery. It is a complex process to recover from disaster. Just having a copy of your data isn’t enough; you need to have a plan in place to get everything restored quickly, which is something that tape drives and other physical backup devices don’t offer.

Critical Element #3: Test Restores
After you have a good backup system in place, you need to test it regularly to make sure it works.