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Servers and Workstations
Like in an Orchestra, a Server is the Conductor, the Musicians are the Workstations and Network Devices. The Server acts as the Conductor that all the other Machines (musicians) go to for their Data. It controls the flow and rhythm of the network.

Each piece must be tuned correctly to function well. Damaged or inferior elements must be repaired or replaced.
At CSN, we understand how all the parts work together to make the music of your business. Each part must be up to the task or all you achieve is dischord.

We can help keep your network efficient and 'in-tune'.
CSN - In Touch With Tomorrow
Servers are the heartbeat of every office. No server, nobody works. At CSN, we will set you up with a proper, reliable server that includes a first-class 4 hour warranty. We sell Dell, Lenovo, HP and many more....

We listen to your needs and price out only what you need, allowing for growth. We will not oversell you with extras that you will never use. In adition to making sure your network has the proper server, we also take care of your back up, including testing. Your up-time is our concern.
    Some services we offer for Servers and Workstations
  • Maintenance, virus removal, Upgrades, Updates...
  • Configuration / Re-deployment
  • Remote Access
  • Warranties