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What will a virtualized network do for you?

  • Allow for the use of less expensive hardware
  • Protect and Secure your Business
  • Boost and Improve Performance and Productivity
  • Reduce Costs
  • Reduce the Impact of Data Disasters
  • Make Your Business More Efficient
  • Decrease back-up issues

Virtualization Advantages:

  • Server consolidation
  • Reduced power and cooling
  • Green computing
  • Ease of deployment and administration
  • High availability and disaster recovery
Are you a good candidate for Virtual Technology?

Virtualization is technology which uses a physical resource such as a server and divides it up into virtual resources called virtual machines (VM's). Virtualization allows users to consolidate physical resources, simplify deployment and administration, and reduce power and cooling requirements. While virtualization technology is most popular in the server world, virtualization technology is also being used in data storage such as Storage Area Networks, and inside of operating systems. Virtual technology revolutionizes the way network hardware is architected, managed, maintained and upgraded. It uses an automated platform that combines powerful, easy to use administrative tools with rapid setup time.