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Network Security
  • Anti-Virus services
  • Back-up solutions
  • Web Filters
  • Web App Firewalls
  • Spam filters
  • SSL VPNs(virtual private networks)
  • IM Firewalls
  • Server protection
  • Network security protection
  • Data protection (preventing theft)
  • Performance Analysis
Security for your computer.
Many computer viruses are being created everyday and this is increasingly disrupting business activities and business downtime. Companies not only have to secure against hardware failure but also against harmful and malicious attacks of their computers and network systems.

CSN has the expertise to configure the right anti-virus and anti-spam solution for your needs and budget. We professionally configure the computers, add firewalls and implement safe computing policies to avoid as best you can, dangerous malware and threats.

If the budget permits, we can install special firewalls that add to this protection. We are resellers of all major IT security solution providers including Sophos, Cisco and many others.